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Online slots are very increasingly popular in Lithuania, and there has been a noticeable boost in the number of players and new account activations at Lithuanian online casinos. The availability of 30mps of high-speed internet in both rural areas and large cities has made it much easier to connect to online casino sites in Lithuania and enjoy all the bonuses and services on offer. Although slots are a game of chance, there are particular aspects that are essential for your slots gaming experience. Read on to find out these features, and more.

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Table of contents

    How to rate slots

    How to decide what slots games are the best for you.


    Quality of Software

    Most players prefer to download the software directly to their devices for easy accessibility and usage. So, before rating any online slot, be certain of the downloadable software. Also, make

    lock icon

    Play or Free

    You can access most slot games for free and for real money, and this can be of great benefit to improving your gaming experience. Free games are available with a few clicks, no sign-up requir

    money icon

    Incredible Progressive Jackpots

    Mega Moolah is a progressive slot that is rarely out of the limelight because the payouts are always massive whenever these games payout. Progressive games give players the chance to win a li

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    Online slots pros

    Online slots have more straightforward rules and better odds, unlike land-based slots, There's; no need to carry an oversized gulp-cup--sized container full of quarters either.

    You can play online slot games from anywhere in the world (jurisdiction permitting) at any time

    Slots offer gamblers a high payout rate compared to other casino games

    Online slots cons

    It's a game of chance, so you can only depend on luck

    Slots can be addictive since they are fun and enjoyable

    They rarely offer consistent wins

    First deposit:

    100% up to 1000€ + 100 FREESPINS


    100% up to 1000€ + 125 FREESPINS


    Kokybiškas licencijuotas kazino


    100% up to 1000€ + 30 FREESPINS


    What is Slot?

    A slot is a basic casino game where you bet on the possible outcome of a "spin." The game's aim is to spin the reels and hope the symbols match up in a payline, as this is the only way you can win a bet. Slots are a game of chance, so the landing of each symbol is randomly selected by software named the Random Number Generator (RNG).

    online slots Lithuania

    Why Are Online Slots So Popular in Lithuania?

    Since the invention of slot machines in 1894, the game has become a smash-hit among gamblers. Slots are a reel ride with real replay value and with the advent of the internet, you can play slots on mobile devices thanks to online casinos’ platform play-from-your-pocket option.

    Users can play free spins and real money slot games right from the comfort of their homes, now coming as standard. So why are slots so popular in Lithuania? Probably for the following reasons.

    Easy to Play

    Online slots are one of the easiest games for Lithuanian players, especially for players new to the casino scene. There aren't many rules attached, and neither are there any special skills that must be learned before you can play the game. Slots also do not require any unique strategy or skill; simply set your bet and spin the reel to play the game.

    Live Casino Experience

    Playing slots for real money in an online casino in Lithuania give gamblers a real casino experience straight from their mobile devices, laptops, or tablets.

    Perfect Game for Beginners

    Slots are the ideal game for beginners. New casino users are often hyped about playing slot games due to their simplicity and gameplay experience. In comparison, you need to practice casino games like poker to master the game; however, in slots, you spin the reels, and the machine does the rest.

    Fun to Pay

    Slot games are a massive amount of fun to play. The game can be played with your feet up and a cup of coffee in hand, offering players an opportunity to unwind as they take down potential cash money.

    Easy Design

    The game design is relatively easy to use and navigate. All slots share a similar gaming principle and similar features, so they can be simply operated and navigated. Yes, graphics in the game has increased no endlessly since its invention; however, the gameplay remains the same, to an extent but further innovative features are being developed daily

    Play on the Go

    Online slot games offer convenience, which is one of the biggest pulls of the iGaming industry. You can play slots online wherever you are and from anywhere you happen to be. This is convenient as you don't need to even put your socks on or travel to visit an online casino; you can simply place a bet from your bed, couch, beach, or back seat of a bus.

    High Payouts

    Slots offer a high payout ratio on the line bet. The payout is sometimes higher compared to the stake placed. Never is this truer with jackpot slots where you could be taking down millions with just a single spin. Former soldier Jon Heywood the UK slots winner became a multi-millionaire on this kind of jackpot slot. Much as it says on the tin: the jackpot is only available on certain networks, or to put it another way, on certain games. The Microgaming Moolah series is a classic example of the best payout online slots in the network jackpots world.

    Innovative Gaming Feature

    It’s near impossible to get bored playing slots. Aside from being fun and easy to use, there’s a huge variety when it comes to slots; games contain different reel structures and features different types of mechanics. Not to mention the graphics.

    How Slot Machines Work

    Slot machines use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the symbols displayed on the reels after a spin. The RNG gives the spins are random and fair, so you can be sure of getting an unbiased and systematically fair result.

    The software providers ensure that the machines cannot be tampered with by the online casino or players. A slot machine is divided into two parts (and more) - placing bets and receiving payouts.

    Slots With the Best Payout

    Slots payout refers to the amount of money that a slot gives back to its players after a number of spins. Most times range from 75% to 97%. When it comes to winnings, players can expect to get better results after an extensive number of spins, bringing them closer to the mathematical average.

    This value can be used to compare various slots and decide the ones that will give more return to players.

    Different independent organizations analyze online slots to confirm that their claimed payout is indeed what they say it is. Regular audits from gaming license issuers are a regular feature of online casino due diligence checks.

    How Online slots work in Lithuania

    Types of Online Slots

    The following online slots are available to Lithuanian players:

    Progressive Slots

    This slot does not have a steady jackpot. Instead, the prize amount depends on the number of games spins, increasing until a player takes down the jackpot. Every spin made will amount to money contributed, feeding the jackpot, which will then increase in size.

    As most progressive slot games are linked between outlets, the jackpot amounts will be very considerably, and the winnings that attain the seven-figure mark are not as rare as you’d think. Depending on the game rules, the money can be earned by a single player or divided between a group of players.

    Tips for Winning a Progressive Jackpot on Slots

    • To win a progressive jackpot on a slot, make sure to check the terms and conditions attached to the game. This will help know the minimum or maximum bet required for the game
    • If you’re okay with the betting requirements, set up a betting budget for the gam.
    • To get a better chance at winning, you should wager the maximum bet on the jackpot. (First, ensure you have the means to facilitate such a gaming session)
    • Play with your budget in mind, and ensure you don't exceed your limit

    The progressive jackpot comes with requirements that you must meet if you’re in with a chance to win the ultimate prize. If you’re not comfortable with such conditions, it’s recommended you play a non-progressive jackpot.

    Video slots

    With the birth of new technologies, creative computer graphics (most recently the shift to HTML5), and imaginative game design, video slot games have evolved to become digital works of art. Slots have always been popular among gamblers and are not just entertaining but a great way to experience online casino games as a beginner.

    Unlike conventional slots found in land-based casinos, video slots have many options, which can be seen in winning combinations and many other features. Users can also enjoy many visual effects while playing; some winnings are promoted with super-charged audio and visuals to blow your slot-playing mind. Video slot games give players bonuses when they reach a certain number of spins, or fill a win meter due to sequential combinations.

    Classic Slots

    Also called the three-reel slots, these are simple single-line video slot machine games. Here, the machine has a lever that players pull to make a spin. Classic slots are an excellent choice for new players who understand the game better. Apart from being easy to play, classic slots are also quite enjoyable.

    They come with different symbols and rules that guide new players to understand how to win prizes. The game can also come loaded with progressive jackpots that are achieved if a player lands on three identical symbols, for example. Most players from Lithuania prefer these slots because they’re faster than others, and they can either win big or lose all. Well, that’s slots.

    Virtual Reality (VR) Slots

    Virtual reality is here to stay, and many industries have welcomed the development with open arms, including the online betting industry. Thanks to Razar OSVR, Samsung R, Sony Play Station, and Oculus Rift, numerous games and features are there for you to explore.

    This slot comes with a soundproof case that includes a sound system and several LED displays. The developer's concept is to allow players to engage in virtual reality. When all these features are applied to the game, players will enjoy a hyper-realistic experience, just as they would in a land-based casino, just without the burly bouncers.

    3D Slots

    Most 3D slots are designed based on video games, culture, or cinema. If you check carefully, you'll discover that this feature is combined with other slots, meaning you'll probably find 3D slots with multiple paylines and mini-games.

    Online Casinos in Lithuania

    Online Casinos With Slots in Lithuania

    Since 2001, all online casinos in Lithuania have been regulated. However, you have to be at least 21 years old to have access to gambling. The Gaming Control Authority is the legit authority that governs all casino activities, including licenses in Lituania.

    Although gambling and sports betting have been authorized, some restrictions are still in place. For example, casino owners can only advertise using their website because tv and radio commercials are not permitted.

    According to the regulations for gambling in Lithuania, casino owners can apply for a license that the gaming control authority approves if they comply with all of the country's gambling laws. Also, there are some limitations to the bonuses offered by online casinos to their customers.

    Standard Gameplay Features

    The recent online slots are filled with innovative features like free spins, cascading reels, and bonus rounds that help enhance your gaming experience. But these features do more than entertain; they can also boost your winning chances considerably. What are these features, you may ask? Here are some of the meat-and-vegetable gameplay mechanics, while we also look at gameplay boosting elements.


    A paytable shows the main symbols and all bonus features of the game. You'll know immediately how much you'll earn from each of the symbols, how to activate the bonus, and what each does. Bonus rounds will be described in more detail, so you'll know what happens in the reels when you hit the speed button.

    The paytable will also explain the paylines and the technique used to build the slot. Some will explain betting strategies and exhibit key stats like the RTP, volatility, hit rate, and max win.

    Random Number Generator

    In traditional casinos, as opposed to their crypto cousins, each spin result is dependent on the Random Number Generator (RNG).

    All slots machine generates thousands of random numbers every second. Immediately after you press the button, a new random number will be generated to deduce whether you have won or lost.

    Payout Percentage

    The return to player (RTP) rate is an important stat to watch out for when playing a slot game. RTP is a percentage of bets that the game will return to a player if they win. Therefore, if a game has an RTP of 96%, for every £1 that a player bets, they'll be getting 0.96 back, and the casino will keep the remaining 0.04.

    Each slot has an RTP fixed by the developer. Most times, they release different versions of the same game, with varying rates of RTP ranging from 95% to 97%, or even more. The online casino will then decide which slots they prefer to host in their games lobby; it's essential to check this information before choosing where to play a slot game.

    Developers from Lithuania are bound to include RTP information in their paytable or with the game's description of the hit rate and volatility. These are essential components of the game.


    When the game has low volatility, the wins will come in often, but they'll be pretty small. A game with medium volatility shows that the hit rate and layouts are fixed to the medium range. When there's a high-level volatility title, the wins may be tough to get, but when they are acquired, they'll be huge.

    Other Special Feature

    The more time you spend playing slots, the more you'll realize that the symbols keep evolving, and with every new version, there's something unique to experience. These features add more excitement and depth to a game. Some of them are stacked, expanding, sticky, and exploding symbols, to name but a few.

    Win Ways

    The simplest way to comprehend a payline is to compare a traditional slot machine to a recent online game. In new video slots, you can bet on 5, 10, 20, 50, and more; this is known as multiple paylines. These paylines are called winning lines and can be either fixed or flexible.

    On every spin, the slot will check the paylines you wagered and calculate if you’ve earned any winning symbols or not. Most modern video slots use fixed paylines, which means the money you bet covers all winning lines. The paylines on many slots pay only one way, which is from left to right. You can, however, find slots that pay both ways.

    Bonus Feature & Spins

    Bonus features are the rewards given to a player while playing the game. The bonus feature is designed to make the game more fun and rewarding. It’s worth noting that not all video slots have a bonus game.

    Fixed Jackpot

    As the name implies, a fixed jackpot is one in which the prize amount cannot be altered in size. For example, if the jackpot reward is fixed at 5000 coins, that is the amount paid every time you hit the jackpot icon.


    A multiplier is a bonus feature that multiplies your winnings. For example, a 10x multiplier means that your winning will be multiplied by your bet by10x, so a 1000x on a multiplier slot would become a 10,000 coin value.

    Max and Minimum Bet

    Each casino bet has a minimum and maximum amount, and the same goes for slots. This amount is the lowest and highest number of coins you can wager on the game, and it is included in the rules of the game.

    How Do Slot Features Contribute to the Game?

    All slot games start working when you place your bet and push the spin button. The reels will begin spinning, and when they eventually stop and you'll see the result of your spin. Your goal is to arrange the winning symbols according to the paytable. The features in slots add extra excitement to the game.

    Slot features help bolster your wins. The reels include icons or symbols that determine the game's outcome.

    Grid and Payline

    All slots have both a grid and a payline. The grid is the gaming backdrop that comes in 3x5, 3x3, most commonly. This also includes cascading reels that increase a player's chance of winning by exploding winning combinations and replacing icons on the reel at no additional cost to the player.

    Payline, on the other hand, comes in different shapes. Some slots have fixed paylines; this means you get to play a specific number of payline at a time, while on other slots, you get to choose the number of payline you desire. The winning line is often highlighted on the screen of the game.

    How to play online slots for free

    How to Play Online Slots?

    Playing the slot game doesn't require any particular skill. All slot games have the same basic instruction - all you need is to click on the spin button and see where it lands.

    However, always check out the game's paytable before you get started. Next, select your payment methods, then set your bet amount. There is a minimum and maximum bet for each game; the more significant your stake, the bigger your win.

    After this has been set, you should select the number of paylines you intend to bet on. Once done, you are good to go. Click on the spin button to get started. Landing on three or more matching symbols along a payline means that you have won the spin. Note that slots are a game of chance, so you rely on just luck to win the game.

    Also, ensure you’re intimate with the features found in each game. There can possibly be a few to try and get your head around.

    Slot Mechanics

    Since slot features make the game more fun, then slot mechanics shows the game's potential. The mechanics are pretty different from the features, as those are basically for entertainment, while the slot mechanics show how the slot works.

    Each of these elements plays a vital role in the gameplay of slots, and they’re described below:


    Each variant of the slot game has a different number of paylines. The payline, also called a win line, refers to the specific order in which symbols on the reels are to be matched. Identical symbols need to match within a particular order on the reel to win a spin, and they are often in any of the following ways:

    • In a row
    • In a zig-zag pattern
    • In a V shape
    • Diagonally

    When playing real money spins, you need to stake on your chosen number of payline; this makes up your total bet. This means your money gets debited for every spin. The paylines are weighted differently on every spin, same as the winning symbols differ in every slot game.

    Some slots make use of payout instead of paylines. The payout is determined by the number of symbols you get to land on the reels.

    Wilds, Scatter & Bonus Symbols

    The "Wild" symbol can fill in for any symbols missing in a payline. It acts as a substitute for other symbols but cannot be used to replace bonus symbols like "Free Spins," "Scatters," etc. The Bonus symbol unlocks in-game bonuses. However, these symbols differ in several slots.


    The re-spin feature is quite popular in NetEnt's Starburst slot. Landing on the re-spin symbol gives you a free re-spin of the reel. This bonus is activated randomly and enables players to improve their payouts. The re-spins bonus often accompanies "Sticky or Sticky Wilds" symbols.

    Free Spins

    How can you activate free spins features in a slot game? Simply by landing on several "Scatter" symbols. Free spins are often awarded based on the number of scatters you use in activating the bonus.

    Prize Picker Rounds

    Another slot game feature is the prize picker rounds that you can only trigger through bonus symbols. Some slots offer "Jackpots" through the Prize Picker rounds, and this reward is activated by clicking on a particular symbol on the screen.

    Jackpot Rounds

    Although not all slot games include a jackpot, however, it’s often available on most online casinos in Lithuania in a bid to spice things in the game. The jackpot often comes as a "Wheel of Fortune" or "Prize Picker Round." If you can land on any of these symbols, you can win some pretty amazing prizes.

    How to Choose the Best Real Money Slots Casinos

    The following tips come in handy when choosing a real money slot casino:

    1. Go For Trustworthy Sites
      If you intend to play online slots for real money, you should go for one that is licensed and legitimate. In order not to be scammed of your money and for a fair chance at winning, you should go for trustworthy casinos with good reputations.
    2. Best Software Suppliers
      It would be best to stick with a casino site with slots from well-known reliable software developers. Such developers are trusted due to their reputation and offer fair slots.
    3. Fast and Safe Deposit Methods
      While signing up for an online casino, you’ll be required to deposit funds instead o real money casinos. To make the deposit, you might need to fill in your banking information, so you should choose an online casino that offers a safe and secured means of payment.
    Online slot strategy and win tips

    Quick Slots Strategy & Tips

    Although Slots is purely a game of chance, there are certain things you can do to increase your winning stance. You can use the following tips to make the most of your slot games:

    • Study the paytable
      The paytable in slots explains how each symbol works. Every slot has its unique feature and symbols; knowing how they work is essential in the game. So before you start playing, ensure you understand the game's paytable.
    • Go for smaller jackpots
      Opt for slots with smaller jackpots. You are more likely to win at a smaller jackpot than a huge progressive jackpot, so going for one with smaller prizes gives you a better chance of winning.
    • Try Out the classics
      Classic slots tend to have a higher payout percentage. Playing a classic slot is more straightforward and should be an alternative to others, especially for a newbie.
    • Stick to safe sites
      Only play at a reputable and trustworthy online casino if you intend to play slot for real money.

    The Best Slot Providers

    There is intense competition in the slots industry, and many developers compete for players' attention. Below is a list of the most distinguished software providers.


    Microgaming is one of the most popular developers of online slots. The company has developed many popular games since its launch in 1994. Some of their games include Mega Moolah and the movie-branded slot release, Grease. They also offer a wide range of slots for players to choose from.


    The online slots world is not complete without NetEnt. This developer was launched in 1996 and has solidly placed itself at the top of the game when it comes to slots. The company is known for its mobile games after establishing an excellent platform that functions smoothly across every device. There are about 200 different games by NetEnt, including games like Gonzo's Quest and Starburst.


    Playtech was launched in 1999, and the company is one of the most popular developers of online slot machines and providers of gaming platforms. Their reputation is very trusted, just like the high-quality service they provide. Playtech games can be found on most top casinos online, with titles like Gladiator, Age of the Gods, and Beach Life.

    They offer a great collection of mobile slots, perfect for players who prefer to play on the go. It's also an excellent choice for fun-themed slots with great entertainment value.

    Big Time Gaming (BTG)

    They are renowned as the Megaways Mechanics developer. BTG is one of the worlds leading developers of high-quality slot games. They know what their customers want, and they offer it excellently. Therefore features like the Unlimited Multiplier and Dual Reaction Mechanism can be enjoyed. Their slot games are played worldwide, including White Rabbit Megaways, Bonanza Megaways, and Danger High Voltage.


    This means a tree of life in Norse Mythology. Since 2012, the company has been delivering great gaming experiences. They are constantly releasing high-performance slots with creative networks and innovative features. Some of them are the Splitz mechanic and the PopWins mechanic.


    There are numerous reasons you should consider online gambling in Lithuania. New players are eligible for a no deposit welcome free spins bonus, sometimes up to 100 spins for signing up on a casino site. Casino players in Lithuania often go for slots because of their unique features, and these features add variety and excitement to the game.

    If you‘re new to online casinos, the slot should be one game that you should use to navigate your way through online gambling platforms. Aside from being straightforward and requiring no hard-line legislation, slots allow you to stake a little with a high payout a possibility. Online gambling is legal in Lithuania, so playing slots online is worth a try if you’re based in Lithuania. However, remember to set a betting limit and ensure you play within your budget


    100% up to 1000€ + 100 FREESPINS


    100% up to 1000€ + 125 FREESPINS


    Kokybiškas licencijuotas kazino


    100% up to 1000€ + 30 FREESPINS



    How Do Slot Features Help You Win?

    It all depends on what feature is included in the game. If the game contains symbols like wilds, they can increase your winning combinations by swapping for other symbols. Scatters and bonus symbols can activate different bonus rounds, where you can win free spins to increase your winning chances.

    Are Online Slots Truly Random?

    Yes, they are. Online slots make use of Random Number Generator (RNG) software which generates a random sequence of numbers that controls the results of each spin.

    Can You Play Slots For Real Money On A Mobile?

    Yes, you can. All major mobile slots sites in Lithuania offer actual money cash rewards upon completion of a game or task. As far as there's a good Internet connection, you're good to go!